Weekend Workshop - React, Redux and Node JS Project

Sept 7th, 1pm - FREE
1201 Wilson Blvd (Map)
Arlington, VA 22209

Node, React, and Redux has quickly become the mainstream choices for the modern webstack. There are many resources out there to learn each of these areas but very few of them clearly show how to tie everything together into a working, live project. In this 6-hour workshop, we will do exactly that - build an entire web application with React, Redux, Node JS/Express, Bootstrap and more.


During the session, we will build a generic web app that supports the key functionality required in most modern websites today. It will have user registration/login with password encryption, image uploading, a REST API, Google Maps integration, search-by-location support, and automated email functionality. The key tools will include:

  • React
  • Redux
  • Node JS
  • Twilio
  • Bootstrap
  • Stripe for payments processing
  • Email notification
  • Google Maps, and Google Maps API

This stack covers most of the key areas of a modern web application and brings together many interlocking pieces.


Students should have a understanding of JavaScript (ES6), REST API's and have a basic knowledge of React components. Due to the short timeframe, we will move quickly. However, the sessions will be video recorded so if you cannot keep up, you can review videos afterward.


Please have a laptop (preferably a Mac) with Node JS and a standard text editor installed.


Sept 7th, 1pm - FREE
1201 Wilson Blvd (Map)
Arlington, VA 22209

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